Perry's conquer the Great Taste Awards

This week's been a great week at the cider works - we've just been awarded a total of NINE Gold Stars at this year's Great Taste Awards*

Not only have our craft ciders been awarded nine Gold Stars but we've totally destroyed the competition! In fact, out of fifteen ciders awarded Gold Stars this year ,not only were five of these ours but we also received the highest award of three Gold Stars - the only cider this year to receive this much coveted award.  Interestingly, we also bottle for two of the other award winners so seven out of the fifteen ciders have passed through our cider works.

See below for a full list of our winners:

Perry's Vintage Reserve '09 - 3 stars

Perry's Single Orchard - 2 stars

Perry's Morgan Sweet - 2 stars

Perry's Somerset Dabinett - 1 star

Perry's Premium Vintage - 1 star


GTA - Key for the star ratings -

1 Star - Close to perfection                 2 star - Flawless                   3 star - Wow, you must taste this


Plus I also won £25.00 on the premium bonds and £2.70 on Euromillions. So a good week all round!

*The Great Taste Awards are named the bench mark for speciality food and drink, and our often described as the 'Oscars of the food world', with over 7,000 entrants.


16th July 2011

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