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Our Story


THE FARM.... is very much the heart of the company, it's where we were founded and is still where all our apples are grown, pressed, fermented, matured and packaged.  You're welcome to drop by and check us out.

Here William Churchill our founder started the business way back in 1920 as a sideline to his Blacksmith's (now the company's office).

From these humble beginings we've grown to become one of the UK's most highly respected and awarded cider companies, fiercely independent and proudly at the forefront of the UK's cider revolution.

Our craft ciders can now be found in quality bottle shops, restaurants, bars and speciality food shops across the UK, as well as exported to over 10 different countries.  




Our Philosophy

Is to drink better, it's all about taking the very best apples and turning them into naturally delicious and complex ciders.  That's why we care as much about what doesn't go into our ciders as what does.

So we choose not to add crazy flavours such as Rhubarb, Mango and Pineapple, in fact if it hasn't seen a Somerset orchard it's not going in.  We also refuse to add concentrated juices, flavours and colourings.

That's why all our ciders are naturally fermented using only Somerset apples, small batch techniques, 100% juice and nearly 100 years of know-how all on one site.


It's all about them apples 

We’re totally obsessed with apples, that's why we grow 80% of all our apples  in our own orchards, and  source the remaining apples from local Somerset farms.  It also means if it didn’t come from an orchard its doesn’t go into our ciders.


Without the best ingredients you can’t make the best ciders.  We insist on using 100% fermented juice in our ciders from only Bitter Sweet and Bitter Sharp apple varieties.  The result is a range of ciders full of complexity and flavour.  It’s also why all our ciders are unfiltered.


As well as growing and sourcing all our apples in Somerset we also press, ferment, mature, blend, bottle and keg on site.  How’s that for provenance?

Somerset has some of the best growing conditions in the world, so why wouldn’t we take advantage of this?


We have this by the barrel load:  We’ve been making cider since 1920, so we know a thing or two.   We’re also still guided by the cider making traditions  not only within the company but the region as a whole. 

Thinking a little differently 

We think to make good ciders you have to think a little differently.  Its only by being creative and not being afraid to experiment we can truly make the best ciders possible.  We also like to champion creative minds including our collaboration with print artist Tom Frost.  Who provides all the awesome artwork for our labels.


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